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Arizona Acting School aka Dearing Acting Studio

Arizona Acting School
(Dearing Acting Studio)
750 E. Thunderbird Suite #1
Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Acting School, otherwise known Dearing Acting School, offers acting programs under the supervision of studio director, Matthew Dearing and the instruction of his wife, Leann Dearing and sister, Kimberly Dearing. All instructors are trained in theater and continue to work in the acting industry.

There are a number of programs offered at Dearing Act Studio. One of the most popular programs are the acting camps, where film acting students receive a complete "on-set" experience beginning with pre-production and moving into full movie production to understand everything from storyboarding and lighting to voiceover and editing. The studio offers the following programs as well; adult acting that features a monthly rotating curriculum, an after-school program for children, two-day studio intensives where studios walk away with a short film, a kids and teens program, and private instruction that is booked by appointment only.

Dearing Acting classes are small to offer individual attention to each student. Each class combines instruction with HD camera, HD television, and professional quality editing system. The monthly rotating class curriculum includes Improvisation, Scene Study, Monologue, Sketch Comedy, Acting for the Camera, Commercial, and director Matthew Dearing's twice a year Advanced Scene Study. Classes are offered in the evening, cost less thatn $200, and include a DVD at the completion of sessions.

Quick Facts

  • Students in the kids and teens program have been in featured in feature films, a national Baskin-Robbins commercial, "Cold Case," a CBS/Bruckheimer TV production, Dairy Queen commercial, Charter Communications commercial, Choice Hotels commercial, student film "The Van Pelt Family", Drumbone Commercial, T.V. series "My Dad Is Better than Your Dad", and Hasbro Toys commercial.

  • In 2007, Kimberly Dearing, the head instructor of a youth/teen program, landed her first major motion picture role in Topher Grace's (That 70's show) film "Kids In America" distributed by Universal Studios.

  • Director Matthew Dearing has directed more than a dozen full production plays and several short films. He is also the Creative Acting Director for 5 different kids camps.

  • Leeann and Matthew Dearing met on stage and between the two have studied in London, Boston, and New York.

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