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Ariela Grodner Thai Massage

Ariela Grodner Thai Massage
6421 SW 13th Street
Gainsville, FL

Ariela Grodner Thai Massage offers certification classes and workshops in Thai Massage out of the Florida School of Massage campus in Gainsville, Florida. Formerly Thai Massage was taught as an elective at the Florida School of Massage, but they recently began offering a full-training program in traditional Thai Massage. Thai Massage is an ancient healing technique combining a series of yoga positions with deep tissue massage and incorporating ayruveda and Chinese acupressure. It manifests as a flowing dance, focusing of self-awareness, improvisational bodywork, and the movement of internal martial arts.

Classes explore the core movements, stances, hand techniques, and rooted breath awareness necessary for a strong foundation in Thai Massage. Certifications is offered with the completion of 72 CEUs over the course of four workshops. Workshops are offered over the course of three days. Classes are $250 a piece and $800 for the series of all four workshops. The series of 4-5 classes include Thai 1 - Introduction to Thai Massage, Thai 2 - Introduction to Thai Massage, Thai 3 - Advanced Poses, Thai 4 - Energy (Sen) Lines, and Thai 5 - Advanced Side Lines -Traditional Thai Massage. Registration process is offered through the Florida School of Massage.

Founder Ariela Grodner is a lotus palm practitioner and yoga instructor who began her teaching career in 1992. She discovered Thai massage and moved on to teach at the Florida School of Massage specializing in Thai Massage as taught to her by Kam Thye Chow Master, instructor of the Lotus Palm school in Montreal. She is a certified Lotus Palm practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Hatha Yoga instructor.

Quick Facts

  • Thai Yoga massage originated in India, founded by Jivaka Khumar Bhaccha, a yogi and doctor in the ancient Indian healing system of Aryuveda.

  • After years of study, Ariela discovered Thai Massage as the perfect fusion and natural extension of the practices of Vippassana Meditation, contact dance, and massage therapy.

  • Ariela originally taught in the jungles of Southern India in tribal villages and prisons.

  • Introduction to training in the art of Thai Massage begins as therapists are taught to use the elbows, knees, forearms and feet in a comfortable and efficient way to establish a body dynamic and use ones own body weight to balance the body's major energy lines and points.

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