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Aquarius Institute

Aquarius Institute of Computer Science
3425 W. Peterson Ave.
Chicago, IL

Located in the Chicagoland area, Aquarius Institute of Computer Science offers training programs in medical and information technology. They provide comprehensive instruction for companies and individuals seeking to enhance their current technical skills. Courses consist of six to twenty weeks of "hands-on" classroom instruction, training with cutting edge software, and placement assistance. Specifically, Aquarius provides Training in Certification courses like Oracle (RDBMS, Dev/2000), for OCP, Oracle DBA, Visual Basic, E-Commerce courses such as Web Development, Java, C++. Microsoft Windows NT MCSE Certification, A+ Certification. The school is approved by Illinois State Board of Education and a member of the National Health Care Association. The school operates out of two locations; Aquarius Chicago and Aquarius O'Hare.

Aquarius Institute limits the size of their classes to 14 students to provide good interaction with every student and the ability to help students enter in the job market. In addition to comprehensive classes, they offer career seminars, placement in the Chicagoland area, and qualified instructors who are professionals and pride themselves on always being available for student's support. Students are trained to have both sufficient technical knowledge and the communication skills need to add value to work products in a clear manner. Aquarius seeks to train students so that they are immediately able to enter the business world and have a competitive advantage. To achieve this, the school provides state-of-the-art facilities, and business related examples. Each student has thier own computer to practice and learn on during class and facilities are open for practice between 9AM and 10PM seven days a week.

Some students have their training paid for by their employers. For the students that do no, Aquarius offers a Technology Training Loan Program, installment plans and is listed with the Work force Development Council and the Illinois Employment & Training Center for financial aid.

Quick Facts

  • Certified professional make more money than non-certified, so Aquarius's professional certification programs give students an edge in the job market.

  • 80 % attendance is mandatory to be considered for the graduation.

  • Applications must be submitted two weeks prior to class start date.

  • The Chicago school's job placement program starts with an interview with a carrier counselor to help choose a competent career path then they offer help in writing a dynamic resume. The school will forward resumes to potential employers and post job position on their bulletin boards.

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