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Applied Technology Institute (ATI)

Applied Technology Institute (ATI)
349 Berkshire Drive
Riva, MD 21140

Founded in 1984, Applied Technology Institute offers technical training programs in signal processing, space, communications, sonar, radar and defense. The technical school is located in Riva, Maryland, but on-site training and public seminars are offered in locations throughout the United States.

Applied Technology Institute offers a full curriculum that is designed to educate attendees about leading edge applications in technology. The technical school keeps up with the newest developments in sonar, radar, spacecraft and Navy technology. Applied Technology Institute has presented its programs at Air Force, Navy and NASA research centers.
In a normal year, Applied Technology Institute presents around 50 or 60 public courses.

Classes at the technical school are lead by a world-class faculty. Many instructors are the best in their respective fields and have an average of 25 to 35 years of experience. Around 25 instructors at Applied Technology Institute are also textbook authors.

Quick Facts

  • Applied Technology Institute was founded by James W. Jenkins. Since 1977, he has been presenting professional development training programs. He earned his degrees from Gettysburg College and the University of Wisconsin.

  • Courses at Applied Technology Institute are offered in the following technical areas: acoustic, noise and sonar engineering, communications and networking, engineering and data analysis, information technology, professional development, radar, missiles and combat systems, remote sensing, signal processing and space, satellite and aerospace engineering.

  • Applied Technology Institute offers on-site specialized courses for groups of six or more attendees.

  • Most of the seminars given by Applied Technology Institute run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Discounts are offered for groups of three or more people.
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