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Appleby College

Appleby College
540 Lakeshore Road West 

Oakville, Ontario

Located in Ontario, Canada, Appleby College is a co-ed boarding and day school for grades 7-12 with a strong emphasis on academics, arts, athletics and community service. Appleby offers diverse co-curricular offerings and a strong residential life program. Students take classes in English, Language and Culture, Mathematics, Physical Education and Life Skills, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts. Appleby offers advanced placement classes and English, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin programs.

All students participate in the Guidance program, which uses discussions and activities to promote healthy interpersonal relationships, positive self-image and group work. As a student nears graduation, guidance classes focus on career and university counseling. Athletics, arts, and leadership are important foundations of the school which stresses the importance of service and outreach and believe that the strong residential life promotes the academic, social, cultural and personal growth of students. All students are boarding students for the Grade 12 year to help with the transition from high school to university.

International programs are important to enrich the lives of Appleby students. They can participate in language-based exchanges to France, Spain, Germany, China or Japan or adventure-based exchanges to Australia, England, India, Scotland, Botswana, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Oman, New Zealand or Peru. Students can also work on service projects to improve the conditions for local communities in other cultures, be part of the Model UN, and serve on an International council to discuss topics that affect the diverse student body.

Quick Facts

  • Students come from more than 25 different countries.

  • Boarding is available for grades 9 to 12

  • The school has been coeducational since 1991. Girls make up about 47 percent of students, boys 53 percent.

  • There are approximately 700 students, 255 of whom live in boarding houses. li>
  • The school offers more than $1 million in financial aid each year.

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