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Antioch University

Antioch College
150 E. South College Street
Yellow Springs, Ohio

Founded in 1852, Antioch is located in four states with six campuses: Antioch College, Antioch University McGregor, Antioch University New England, Antioch University Los Angeles, Antioch University Santa Barbara, and Antioch University Seattle. Each campus is distinct from the other with their own academic programs, community life, and identity. Each individual college confers its own academic degrees and professional programs depending on the type of degree program and study or professional training covered. They offer Bachelor's, Master's, and doctorate degrees as well as certification, continuing education, and professional development programs.

Antioch University is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. More than 3,500 students are enrolled at all the campuses combined. About 75 percent of those Antioch University students are in graduate programs.

Antioch University follows the principles of a liberal arts education and mixes innovative experiential learning and social engagement so that students become lifelong learners, leaders, and global citizens. Each University offers individualized, liberal arts programs: Antioch College is a small, independent liberal arts college, Antioch University McGregor is designed for adult students who must balance careers and families with their studies, Antioch University New England offers practice-oriented graduate studies, Antioch University Los Angeles and Antioch University Santa Barbara provide innovative undergraduate and graduate education for adults, and Antioch University Seattle focuses on adult education in a small campus setting.

Quick Facts

  • Antioch College has developed a new Ph.D. program and have a growing number of on-line courses.

  • The University's first college was located in Yellow Springs which now holds its administrative offices.

  • Antioch University offers a distinctive Ph.D. in Leadership and Change program which focuses on understanding and leading organizational change with an emphasis on the student's own practice in professional life.

  • Antioch programs include study abroad options that combine academics with independent field research, apprenticeships, and internships. All of the programs offer sixteen undergraduate credits per semester.

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