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Antioch University Seattle

Antioch University Seattle
2326 6th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98121

Located in the heart of the city, Antioch University Seattle is one part of a six-campus, not-for-profit network known for exclusively serving adult learners, most of whom pursue graduate studies. Antioch's socially progressive mission, which emphasizes community activism and experimental learning practices, attracts professionals from around the country. Independent and interdisciplinary study are vital to the curriculum.

On each Antioch University campus, students enjoy small classes, dedicated faculty and flexible degree programs. The Seattle campus is just over 30 years old and maintains a congenial atmosphere with about 900 students. Another unique detail: students receive narrative assessments instead of letter or numeric grades. Antioch University was one of the first universities in the country to implement this practice, which helps give students a more personal understanding of their strengths as well as areas that need improvement.

In addition to master's programs in art therapy, education, management, psychology, strategic communication, counseling, environment and community, Antioch University Seattle has a bachelor's degree completion program that accepts many academic, professional and technical credits. Classes take place in the late afternoon and evening to suit the schedules of working adults. Students can take advantage of several concentrations including arts and literature, global studies, human services, leadership and organizational studies, psychology, social justice studies, and spiritual studies. Most students complete their liberal arts degree in one or two years.

Quick Facts:

  • Antioch University is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

  • Nearly all (more than 97 percent) full-time core faculty members hold doctoral degrees.

  • The Antioch University system is geared towards life-long learners, with students ranging in age from early 20s to 50s. The average age of an Antioch University student is mid-30s.

  • Most students attend class part-time through the week.

  • The Graduate Teacher Preparation program puts a premium on social change and progressive curriculum design and prepares participants for teaching students from diverse backgrounds. The program can be completed in five quarters. Students can earn a master of arts in education with an additional quarter of study.

  • Antioch University Seattle offers a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.
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