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Antioch University New England

Antioch University New England
40 Avon Street
Keene, New Hampshire 03431

Located in Keene, New Hampshire, Antioch University New England (formerly Antioch New England Graduate School) is a small graduate school offering degree programs in applied psychology, environmental studies, education and organization management to about 1,200 students. Antioch New England is associated with Antioch University, a six-campus university with sites in Yellow Springs, Ohio; Keene, New Hampshire; Seattle, Washington; and Southern California. Antioch New England upholds strong community values, advocating ecological stewardship and social justice and the importance of developing local and global perspectives.

The Antioch New England Institute (ANEI) is one way in which Antioch University New England encourages students to engage the local community. Work-study students use their talents in partnership with local government, the educational system and environmental protection services to help improve the community.

The Department of Education offers a Waldorf Certificate for class teaching as well as a master's degree in Waldorf Elementary Specialization that can be attained with or without New Hampshire certification. AUNE is unique in that it is the only Waldorf graduate program in the region, and the only program in the nation offering a public school certification program.

A thesis project is central to Antioch University New England's conservation biology program, which helps students make the connection between ecology and real world conservation issues. With the thesis project, students must come up with specific research questions, collect conceptual and background information from similar or related studies and devise methodologies for data collection and analysis.

Quick Facts:

  • Antioch University New England offers over 20 master's and doctoral degree programs. All students must complete up to 600 hours of field experience in order to graduate.

  • Antioch University New England and its students contribute about $30 million a year to the regional economy.

  • The average age of Antioch University New England students is 36; some students are in their 20s, while others are in their 60s.

  • By the time they enroll, AUNE students have on average about six years of professional working experience.

  • Although most students are from the region and remain in their jobs while studying at Antioch University New England, about 30 percent of students relocate to other parts of the country and the world.
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