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Antioch College

Antioch College
795 Livermore Street
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Antioch College, founded in 1852, is a liberal arts cooperative college and part of Antioch University. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Classes include but are not limited to: anthropology, environmental studies, philosophy, photography, biology, botany, history, physical education, and Buddhist studies.

All students work with faculty mentors to develop an individually guided major that can be a combination of various fields of interest. Co-op jobs are also an integral part of the Antioch curriculum. Beginning in their second year, students at Antioch College work in the fall and summer terms. Students co-op in the spring term during their third year.

Antioch College offers students the opportunity to participate in core communities, where several faculty members from diverse concentrations team up and create a complementary curriculum to explore a common theme that they will all teach for this one class.

The student to teacher ratio is about 12 to one.

Quick Facts

  • Antioch University also includes the Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, New Hampshire; Antioch University Seattle in Washington; Antioch University Southern California in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara; and Antioch University McGregor in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

  • Instead of formal letter grades, Antioch students receive written evaluations detailing their class attendance, participation and performance.

  • Freshman and sophomore are required to live on-campus unless an exception is made by the Dean of Students Office.

  • Antioch College has 14,000 alumni throughout the country.

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