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Antelope Valley Medical College

Antelope Valley Medical College
4201 10th Street West
Lancaster, California

Located in Los Angeles County, California, Antelope Valley Medical College is vocational college offering undergraduate, continuing education, and certificate programs ranging from Culinary Arts and Fitness Training to Vocational Nursing and Fire Science. They offer traditional, accelerated, and adult learning methodologies to assist their student to achieve their educational, personal, and career goals. A goal of AVMC is to offer higher education to the local community and mold graduates to pursue careers that will make them valuable assets to the community.

AVMC offers programs and career training in CPR, First Aid and Training ACLS, Fire Science, Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, EMT Recertification, Vocational Nursing, Emergency Care Technician, Paralegal, Medical Assistant, Pro. Health & Fitness Trainer , Medical Administrative or Clinical Assistant, Criminal Justice, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Billing, Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management, and Massage Therapy. The schools objective is to maintain an appropriate and funcational learning environment that prepares students for positions and growth opportunities in their chosen progression

AVMC started in the winter of 1997 when Los Angeles City Firefighter/Paramedic Marco Johnson began instructing CPR and First Aid courses after witnessing what he believed to be too many unnecessary deaths. Six months later, Antelope Valley Medical College received approval from the State of California and the County of Los Angeles to provide training in Emergency Medical Technology. Since then, AVMC has been granted approval to administer instruction in its other programs. Applicatns must have a high school diploma or its equivalent, pass the Wonderlic entrance exam, and go through a personal interview. The California school offers financial aid through William D. Ford Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, William D. Ford Direct Parent Loan (PLUS), Federal Pell Grants, Supplementary Grant (FSEOG) and Federal Work Study (FWS).

Quick Facts

  • Antelope Valley Medical College includes a staff of more than 30 employees and the size of the facility has grown from a 500-square-foot starter location to a 45,000 square foot high-tech training facility, consisting of 20 lecture rooms, student break areas, student lounges, staff lounges, library, career center, men's and women's restrooms and computer Labs.

  • In mid 2003, Antelope Valley Medical College opened an additional satellite classroom in Rosamond, California.

  • AVMC offers job placement services to all eligible graduates including assistance with resume writing, interviewing, and identifying job openings.

  • Applicants can access and fill out their applications online.

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