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Angelo State University

Angelo State University
2601 W. Avenue N
San Angelo, TX 76909
Although Angelo State University officially began as Angelo State College in 1965, its history reaches even further back to the days of 1928 when San Angelo College was created as a two-year college. Originally located on North Oaks Street, this Texas college moved to its present location in 1947 -- nearly 20 years before it would become the accredited senior institution of higher learning that it is today.

Now, over 30 years since its first bachelor's degree was awarded, Angelo State University is comprised of several different schools which offer a variety of programs and majors to students. From the College of Business with its courses in computer science and aerospace studies, to the College of Sciences and its classes in nursing and physics, Angelo State University has expanded to accommodate most every student's interests. There's even the College of Liberal and Fine Arts for those who wish to pursue subjects such as government, journalism, and psychology.

At Angelo State University's College of Graduate Studies, students are able to choose from more than 20 master's degree programs in fields such as education, business, and the liberal arts.

Quick Facts:
  • Angelo State University is home to one of the most technically sophisticated planetarium theaters on a university campus.
  • Angelo State University students who are enrolled in the Department of Communication, Drama, and Journalism, have the opportunity to intern at media outlets in the area.
  • Students at this Texas college help to produce and run their own radio station, RamRadio.
  • As part of the physical therapy program, Angelo State University students regularly visit clinical facilities that are located off of campus.
  • This Texas college offers study-abroad programs in Mexico, France, Germany, Russia, and Scotland.

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