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Angelina College

Angelina College
3500 South First Street
Lufkin, TX 75904

The secret is out. Angelina College is a great place to start a college education and in the past 10 years, enrollment has grown by 20 percent. Tall pine trees shade the beautiful Angelina College campus which is nestled in the heart of the piney woods in Lufkin, Texas. Students choose Angelina College for their excellent educational programs that are both accessible and affordable for all learners.

Angelina College offers dozens of top-notch degree and certificate programs. Whether students are planning to transfer to a four-year university or college or enter the workforce immediately, this Texas college provides the education students need to reach their goals. With courses offered during weekdays, in the evenings, and on the weekends, Angelina College makes it convenient for students with busy lives to pursue higher education. One of the least expensive of the 50 Texas community colleges, Angelina College strives to make college affordable for all students. Angelina College awards over 650 academic scholarships to students annually and over 2,000 students are eligible for Pell Grants.

Angelina College helps students with all aspects of college life. Child care assistance, transportation assistance, free tutoring, clothing vouchers, and textbook lending are just some of the support services available for students at Angelina College. With 25 different student clubs and organizations on campus, Angelina College encourages students to stay active and develop leadership skills, explore common interests, and make friendships that can last a lifetime. Angelina College is not just an investment in an excellent education; it's an investment in a bright future.

Quick Facts:

  • Angelina College enrolls over 4,500 students each fall in college credit classes.

  • One-fourth of the diverse student population at this Texas college is comprised of African American and Hispanic students.

  • There is one residence hall on campus that houses 110 Angelina College students.

  • Angelina College has a men's and women's basketball program and a men's baseball program.

  • Each year, over $7 million is awarded through various forms of financial aid to Angelina College students.

  • All public high school graduates in Angelina County who do not qualify for more than $800 in any other financial aid may receive the Angelina Challenge Award--up to $600 of tuition or one year.
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