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Ancient Art Midwifery Institute

Ancient Art Midwifery Institute
P.O. Box 69
Foyil, OK 74031

Founded by Director Carla Hartley in 1981, Ancient Art Midwifery Institute has offered Advanced Midwifery Studies, a distance-learning program for midwives. They also offer Introduction to Midwifery, a six-month program used by aspiring midwives, doulas and childbirth educators as well as a component of continuing education for experienced practitioners. As a distance-learning program with materials easily accessible though the Internet, AAMI wants to prove it is possible to gain a complete midwifery education without having to leave their home and sacrifice their own families. While it is not necessary to have Internet access, online study groups, contest, quizzes, and other benefits exist for online students. All students need to have an email address as many parts of the program are only available by email.

After completion of AAMI's coursework, it is extremely important that students obtain practical training with an experienced midwife before they begin their own practices. AAMI helps their students with their apprenticeship documentation program. They also may be able to help students find a midwife willing to take an apprentice and have incorporated assignments specifically designed to help with this process. They recommend that students attend workshops and conferences as well. Ancient Art Midwifery Institute is fundamentally dedicated to the promotion of midwifery as more than a contemporary profession based on an ancient art.

Applicants do not need a high school or college education before enrolling. AAMI's program is not a nursing program nor affiliated with any nursing program. They offer a comprehensive applicable midwifery curriculum with affordable tuition, mentoring programs, and flexible coursework. Founder Carla Hartley's goal is to not teach a student a checklist of the academics of becoming a midwife but to walk her students through as they become midwives. She wants the course to address many issues beyond birth: each midwife should become "confident, birth-trusting, other-centered, wisdom-seeking, family-oriented, hands-off, with-woman midwives."

Quick Facts

  • Since 1981, the school has enrolled more than 1,950 students, revised our curriculum many times, changed their name but still focuses exclusively on midwifery education.

  • AAMI supports the extreme importance apprenticeship as a proven route of training and education for midwives after completion of AAMI's course.

  • Some students have BA's, Master's or doctorates while others have not completed high school. Some students are even homeschoolers under the age of 20 and others are in their late fifties and sixties.

  • The course is $3950 for a 39-month program but students can save money by paying in full to start and other discounts are offered.

  • AAMI offers their own Master of Midwifery Arts & Sciences, Master Educator, Midwifery Arts & Sciences certifications, and Childbirth Education Certification as well as an Honor Roll for outstanding students.

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