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Anchor Renaissance Institute

Anchor Renaissance Institute
5730 General Washington Drive
Alexandria, Virginia 22312

Virginia's Anchor Renaissance Institute (ARI) offers training and education in real estate finance. Future underwriters, loan officers, loan processors and others all train at this licensed school. Anchor Renaissance Institute offers a number of services including online courses, loan originators certification, loan officer training, education in entrepreneurship and mortgage lending, a quality control program for brokers and information for homebuyers.

In the online course in residential real estate finance, students at Anchor Renaissance Institute learn about residential finance in their own home and at their own pace. ARI also offers classroom courses that train people for loan originators certification by regulatory agencies, as well as 80-hour course in loan officer training that prepares students to enter the residential lending field. The course at Anchor Renaissance Institute is divided into two sections: mortgage lending I and mortgage lending II. Another training module in entrepreneurship and mortgage lending prepares students for self-employment as mortgage brokers. The Home Buyer's Association program helps homebuyers and sellers achieve their goals, while the project E - quality control program for brokers focuses on helping brokers and other mortgage professionals achieve a level of proficiency that will benefit both investors and consumers.

Anchor Renaissance Institute's three-phase program for future entrepreneurs, real estate investors and mortgage bankers teaches participants about the basics of real estate finance, origination functions, the secondary market, compliance and other consumer transactions. Topics covered include the history of real estate finance, mortgage lending regulation, sources of mortgage loans, mortgage products, loan processing, history of credit, and underwriting guidelines for collateral and property appraisals. Students of Anchor Renaissance will also learn about pricing and packaging a loan, Sarbanes/Oxley compliance, multi-family properties, due diligence, secondary market underwriting and real estate investment trusts, among other subjects. Students who complete this course of study will have the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers in fields such as mortgage banking, not-for-profit housing and other credit markets.

Quick Facts:

  • Anchor Renaissance Institute has developed curricula for schools such as Northern Virginia Community College and Savannah State University.

  • Through the Workforce Investment Act, Anchor Renaissance Institute provides for the Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Maryland and the District of Columbia.

  • Anchor Renaissance Institute is approved by Maryland's Higher Education Commission and Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation to provide pre-certification training to loan originators.

  • Anchor Renaissance Institute offers an online course in real estate finance that covers 96 different subjects in residential lending.

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