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American Sports University

American Sports University
399 North "D" Street
San Bernardino , CA 92401

American Sports University (ASU), located in downtown San Bernardino, California, is the nation's first and only four-year university dedicated exclusively to sports management and sports education. ASU is an independent institution that offers undergraduate degree program for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Education with concentrations in Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Marketing, Sports Health, Sports Training and Fitness, Sports and Special Education, and Sports Recreation Management are offered at both the degree and certificate levels. The Master of Science in Sports Education provides advanced study for academic growth and development in the management of sport-related fields of interest. Master's students build on their undergraduate foundation of core courses with studies that emphasize the physical performance of the discipline as well as the practical application of theories within the sports industry.

Instructors are working professionals in the sports world and each program emphasizes an approach that is both the theoretical and practical. Students are encouraged to pursue careers as an Athletic Director, Sports Marketing Director, Game Day Operations Director, Academic Advisor to athletes, Director of Fundraising and Development in the athletic arena, or Director/Manager of Sports Operations. AMU also focuses on providing entry-level opportunities into the competitive world of business and sports and offers students on-campus academic advisors.

At American Sports Universtiy, all students should have a passion for sports and dreams to pursue a career in the sports industry. ASU works to give students the tools, concepts, and skills to creatively pursue their dreams. To achieve this goal, each degree program consists of core courses, general education courses, program-specific course, and sports activity courses.

Quick Facts

  • The school is located in San Bernardino, which is the gateway to the San Bernardino National Forest and mountains and is within an hour's drive to Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

  • Approximately nine thousand feet in downtown San Bernardino is designated for the school's campus which is located in one large building with space designated for classrooms, a computer lab and library, and administrative offices.

  • ASU received temporary approval from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education of the State of California until they are eligible to receive accreditation.

  • ASU is in the midst of building a dormitory adjacent to the campus that will house 300 students since they currently do not provide on-campus housing.

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