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American School of Piano Tuning

American School of Piano Tuning
17070 John Telfer Dr.
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Established in 1958 by Robert Nelson, the American School of Piano Tuning has offered a complete home study course in piano tuning and repair through ten comprehensive lessons. Students learn through correspondence the basics of piano repair, tuning, regulation as well as tips on conducting a successful business. The goal of the course is to give students the tools they need to become piano technicians in a practical, easy package that will help them start their own business and recoup the cost of the course.

Each lesson costs $149 while the complete course (buying all the lessons at once) costs $1290. At the end of each lesson, students take a true-false examination which they then send in to be graded by faculty. A diploma is awarded after students complete the tests, certifying that they completed a course of study in piano repair and piano tuning. While the course is a learning-by-correspondence experience, if students should have trouble, the school offers personal instruction both during and after the course.

As a correspondence school, enrollment is open and may occur at any time. After ordering the first lesson, students have one year from that date to complete the lessons and exams. Students must pass exams with a minimum grade of 80% and if they fail an exam, they can retake it to earn a passing mark. The American School of Piano Tuning is registered with the State of California, is listed by the Piano Technicians Guild, and is a member of the Better Business Bureau of California. The school has been in continuous operation since it's beginning more than 50 years ago.

Quick Facts

  • According to the American School of Piano Tuning, two thirds of all piano tuners learned by taking a home-study course.

  • The school's director, G. Borgnino, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley, a California State teaching credential and has been a piano technician and school administrator for over 25 years.

  • The course takes about 40 to 100 hours to complete and the school averages that in one to six months, students could start running their own piano tuning business.

  • While piano tuners are often thought of as having the "pitch perfect" ear, the school says that the only qualifications required are average intelligence, normal hearing and willingness to learn.

  • Since piano tuning can be physical work, students should be able to lift up to 40 pounds.

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