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American Professional Institute

American Professional Institute
1990 Riverside Drive
Macon, Georgia 31201

American Professional Institute, located at 1990 Riverside Drive in Macon, Georgia, is a private, less than two-year institution. They offer training and preparation for nine career programs. American Professional Institute's goal is to offer student practical skills and professional knowledge in an individual's chosen field of study.

At American Professional Institute, students can enroll in massage therapy, medical assistance, patient care, billing/coding, nail tech, cosmetology, surgical tech, pharmacy tech, and an instructor program. API has seven career programs that students can complete in less than a year as well as an instructor program for those wanting to be certified to formally teach the art of Cosmetology, Nails and Esthetics to students.

American Professional Institute offers financial aid, day and evening classes, and job placement assistance for graduates. They have a program participation agreement with the US Department of Education for students who meet requirements to receive Pell grants and other federal aid.

Quick Facts

  • American Professional Institute offers in state, out-of-state, and in-district tuition plans.

  • The school's philosophy is that "Each student deserves an equal opportunity to gain entry level skills and become a productive citizen of the community."

  • The school is located in Macon, a small city with a population under 100,000.

  • API's cosmetology and nail tech programs include training in skin care; make up, retail sales, and salon management.

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