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American Pacific College

American Pacific College
14435 Sherman Way, Suite 208
Van Nuys, CA 91405

American Pacific College is a private post-secondary vocational school, serving students in Los Angeles County, California for more than 10 years. The college's main campus is located at 14435 Sherman Way, Suite 208 Van Nuys, and APC also operates a branch campus, located at 1526 West 7th Street in Los Angeles.

Their curricula and instructional opportunities were developed so that students can gain specialized training, build career paths, and obtain employment in their chosen field of study. APC gained recognition in 1994 by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. Course cover automobile performance and electrical service training, bookkeeping, accounting and general office work as well as computer and Internet service vocational training. Students must complete the defined clock hours for their course in order to complete their program of study and gain the appropriate diploma or certification.

American Pacific College works with students and employers to meet job markets demands for specialized training in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Through research, advisory committees, and a supportive training environment, APC stays aware of current and future industry employment demands. By maintaining an open dialogue with local employers and students, APC identifies areas of high market demand and the training needed for real world employment situations.

Quick Facts:

  • American Pacific College bases the validity of their programs on the number of graduates successfully placed into the job market.

  • The motto and operating commitment of APC is that in everything they do, they set "Benchmarks for Quality".

  • Faculty members must a relevant degree in their field of instruction and/or have a minimum of three years experience in the field.

  • The average class size is 30 students with a maximum student ratio of twenty-five students per instructor.

  • APC encourages students, graduates, and associate employers to use their job bank by posting job openings, resumes, and information to maximize employment and hiring opportunities for both parties.

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