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American Institute of Natural Healings

The American Institute of Natural Healings is a professional school located in Antioch, California dedicated to providing education to those interested in massage therapy and other holistic healing methods. The American Institute of Natural Healings offers part of its course sessions online.

To begin the massage therapy program, students must first apply to the Swedish acupressure course. This class is only taught twice per year and only 24 students are accepted into each class. Students are responsible for purchasing their scrubs, massage table, linens and must have a computer with high-speed computer access. In this course, the practicum is taught in class at prescribed times at the beginning of the course. The remainder of the 13-week coursework is taught online. This study includes anatomy and business management. An internship must be completed at the end of the course. Swedish acupressure combines the most common form of massage used in the United States - the Swedish massage, with acupressure, which allows therapists to identify and use their fingers to apply pressure to the acupuncture points. After successfully completing this course, students will receive a certificate that shows the student completed 250-hours of training.

Once students complete the first class, they may apply to continue their massage therapy education at the American Institute of Natural Healings by enrolling in the advanced massage course. This 250-hour course includes an online portion of the course, which takes an estimated two hours per day and practicum experience in the classroom environment. Techniques taught in this course include a continuation of the full body massage techniques started in the Swedish acupressure class and the basic massage techniques of deep tissue; sports; tui na; trigger point therapy; touch for health and applied kinesiology. This course is designed for students who are wishing to eventually complete national certification for massage therapy.

Upon graduating from the first course, students are allowed to work and participate in the on-campus wellness clinic.

Quick Facts:

  • The wellness clinic at the American Institute of Natural Healings provides student massages to clients at a discount. Acupuncture and holistic herbal remedies are provided by a licensed acupuncturist. Aromatherapy supplies are also sold through the wellness clinic at the American Institute of Natural Healings.

  • The American Institute of Natural Healings also provides special workshops and continuing education for those professionals wishing to continue their study.

  • The American Institute of Natural Healings offers yoga classes to students and others in the community.
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