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American Institute of Massage Therapy

American Institute of Massage Therapy
1570 E. Warner Ave. Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705

The American Institute of Massage Therapy is a California-based professional school that focuses on training students who strive to become professional massage therapists. The American Institute of Massage Therapy has a history dating back a quarter of a century. The American Institute of Massage Therapy was founded in 1983 by Marquetta K. Hungerford, a doctor with over 40 years of experience in physical and rehabilitation therapy, shiatsu and massage therapy, sports massage therapy, nutrition, and healthology. One of Hungerford's missions in 1984, was seeing sports massage introduced to athletes who competed in the Olympics in Los Angeles that year. Hungerford's efforts were repeated at the Olympics held in Utah in 2002. In 2003, Hungerford retired and the American Institute of Massage Therapy was moved from its home in Costa Mesa to Santa Ana to help expand its programs and better serve students.

The massage therapy program at the American Institute of Massage Therapy is a 624-hour program that enables students to take the minimum amount of classes needed to become a certified massage therapist. The first 200-hours of class involves students learning the different types of therapeutic massage, which includes massage therapy fundamentals, musculoskeletal systems, basic massage, and business law and ethics. Another 160 hours will be spent on learning individual muscles, sports massage, and hydrotherapy. The final 160 hours of classroom and clinical study is spent on systems of the body and advanced and complementary techniques.

Finally, students spend 24 hours of preparation time for exams and taking exams; as well as 80 hours of clinical practicum at sporting events. While it is not required, the American Institute of Massage Therapy also recommends that students complete CPR/First Aid Training and pass certification. Graduates of the entire program are prepared to take the National Certification Exam and to obtain a Massage Therapy License from most cities in California or other states.

The American Institute of Massage Therapy also offers a 1,029-hour course on becoming a Sports Massage Therapist. Students graduating from this advanced course of study are prepared to become professional massage therapist and may specialize in sports massage or other advanced techniques.

Quick Facts:

  • The American Institute of Massage Therapy also offers continuing education through workshops at its facilities.

  • Students wishing to apply for financial aid may do so through Pell grants, Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans,

  • Students interested in applying to the American Institute of Massage Therapy must have a high school diploma or GED, as well as two recommendations from non-family members.
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