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American Institute of Education

American Institute of Education
4204 Atlantic Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90807

The American Institute of Education is a Long Beach, California-based school educating and training students in the fields of electrolysis and permanent cosmetics. The 21-year-old school is located within 40 minutes of Hollywood and the beaches of southern California. Online credits are also available.

Electrology is the practice of permanent hair removal. The practice is FDA approved. There are three options for students who wish to enroll in the electrology program at the American Institute of Education. The program is designed to prepare students for licensing in their home states. Students who reside in California, Hawaii and New Mexico can take some of the courses online, while the practical applications of the program must be completed in the Long Beach training facility. Students must spend approximately two months studying in California. Most states 29 of them - require students to study in a program while on-site. A listing of these states can be found on the school's website. The on-site program requires four months of full-time study. Students from the following states can enroll in the program and study during the entire duration online: Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming. There are no licensure requirements in these states.

Students wanting a career in applying permanent cosmetics must take the entire course in the Long Beach facility. Students must complete 40 hours of pre-reading, as well as completing an addition 40 hours on one of two state of the art machines at the American Institute of Education. Students enrolled in the program will learn: eyebrow simulation, which includes creating eyebrows or filling in sparse areas; coloring lips with liner or completely filling in with color; eyeliner and lash enhancement which includes creating a soft, natural appearance. Students study dermatology, sterilization and sanitation, machine technology, needles, color, design, treatment room set-up, consultation, after care, marketing and state requirements. Students must complete both an oral and written exam to earn the certificate of completion for the course.

Quick Facts:

  • The American Institute of Education is the first California-based school that brought its electrolysis education online.

  • Students who graduated from the American Institute of Education in 2006 all passed their state licensure boards on the first attempt.

  • Financial aid is available through the American Institute of Education.
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