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American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc.

The American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc. is a Florida-based school providing people education and training in diamond cutting, grading and polishing. Nizam Peters, founder and senior instructor at the American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc. has been working with diamonds since the age of 16. Peters has worked in diamond factories as a supervisor and president of a jewelry store. He's worked in mining fields in South America, Venezuela and Guyana. Peters is also a photographer and author on the subject of rough diamonds.

After arriving in the United States, Peters established the American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc. in 1980. Today, the school is recognized worldwide as one of the institutions in which people can learn about diamond cutting, polishing and grading. There are five programs through which to learn specialty areas of the diamond business. The Rough Diamond Grading Program is a 5-day seminar designed to teach students how to grade rough diamonds. Students will learn: sawing techniques and how it relates to diamonds; explanations on bruting, cutting and polishing; common terms among diamond cutters and the specifics on cutting. At the end of the course, students receive information on marketing and will have support from the Institute while in the field.

In the Diamond Cutting and Polishing Program, students may start in the beginner's program, then advance to intermediate and advanced diamond cutting. These classes are held once a year, in January. At the end of the program, a certificate of completion is awarded. The Colored Diamond Program is a five-day course allows students to learn how to grade diamonds by the color. In the Diamond Manufacturing and Equipment Program, students learn the art of using diamond equipment. This program is designed for students interested in setting up and operating a production plant. This is a 10-day program. The Diamond Business Management and Marketing Program is a five-day course designed to assist students in setting up a business in the diamond or jewelry professions.

Quick Facts:

  • The American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc. and its programs are recognized by the Florida Department of Education, Veterans Administration, and Immigration fror student visas.

  • Founder and Director, Nizam Peters, of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc. travels to consult with individuals and companies on diamonds and is also a paid lecturer.

  • Students must pass exams in some subject areas to receive their certificate.
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