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American Commercial Colleges

American Commercial Colleges
2007 34th Street
Lubbock, TX 79411

American Commercial Colleges is a professional training school based in Texas with six locations in the Lone Star state and Louisiana. American Commercial Colleges has a long history spanning more than a half-century. Founded in 1957 by W.D. Sheets, the college was established with the mission of training students for new careers in the shortest time possible. Locations in Texas include: Lubbock, Wichita Falls, Abilene, Odessa, San Angelo. There is one college located in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Students attending American Commercial Colleges can study in one of the following programs: Advanced Business Computers, a computer study program designed to teach student high competency computer software applications; Computerized Administrative Assistant, for students desiring a career in office assistant or administrative support; computerized Accounting Specialist, a fast track program for students aspiring for careers in accounting or bookkeeping; Computer & Electronics Technician, students who take these courses are interested in computer maintenance and IT positions; Data Entry Specialist, a short, basic program for people needing elementary computer skills who wish to be employed in an office; Health Information Coding/Billing Technician - a course designed for professionals in medical office who want to become proficient in medical coding and billing; Medical Assisting, for students in this program are interested in becoming medical assistants in doctor's offices, hospitals or long-term care facilities; Medical Office Specialist - for students looking to learn to help organize and run medical offices for doctors, insurance companies, clinics and other medical facilities and Medical Record Transcriptionist for students learn to transcribe medical records for doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and other medical professionals.

There are various certifications in which students at American Commercial Colleges may take, depending on their program choice. MOS, or Microsoft Certifications are available on various levels; Office Proficiency Assessment Certification (OPAC); A+ Computer Technology Industry Association; National Center for Competency Testing and the National Association for Health Professionals.

Quick Facts:

  • The Lubbock campus was founded in 1979 and occupies more than 15,000-square-foot in a single story building.

  • The Wichita Falls campus was founded in 1995 and is in a 9,500-square-foot state of the art facility.

  • The Abilene campus was founded in 1961 as the Commercial College of Abilene and the name was changed in 1977. The campus is in two buildings with more than 10,000-square-foot of space.

  • The Odessa campus was established in 1961 as the Commercial College of Odessa and the name was changed in 1977. The campus is in one building with 9,700-square-foot of space.

  • The San Angelo campus was established in 1976 as the Commercial College of San Angelo and became the American Commercial College in 1977. It is in a 9,000-square-foot single story facility.

  • The newest college, located in Shreveport, Louisiana, was established in 2002. The 9,900-square-foot building is a state-of-the-art facility. Class size is approximately 20 per class.

  • American Commercial Colleges is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. They are also approved by the Texas Workforce Commission.
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