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American College of Medical Technology

American College of Medical Technology
1515 West Redondo Beach Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90247

The American College of Medical Technology is a school located in Gardena, California, designed to prepare students who wish to work in the field of medical technology. Established in 1974 as the American School of X-Ray by Donald Harrison, owner of American X-Ray Company, the school originally trained x-ray technicians. In 1996, the school was purchased by Daniel Dorim Kim who changed the name, added more programs and moved the campus. The American School of X-Ray only held classes at night to accommodate professionals in doctor's offices. Kim added day courses to draw beginning professionals in the allied health and medical technology fields.

Today, the American College of Medical Technology offers five programs of study: magnetic resonance imagining (MRI); limited permit x-ray; medical assisting; medical laboratory assisting; and medical office management. The MRI program is 1570 hours consisting of a mix of classroom and externship work. The limited permit x-ray program is an introductory program into California medical offices. Students who graduate from this program also take courses in medical assisting. Graduates may elect to take the national certification exam in Medical Assisting offered by the National Center for Competency Testing. Students in the medical assisting program prepare students for careers as a medical technician in urgent care units, hospitals and doctor's offices. This is a 7.5-month program that includes an externship. Medical laboratory assistants perform tests in laboratories under the direction of pathologists. Students in this program also complete a two-month externship. Medical office managers have often been called the necessity to make a doctor's office function. Graduates are medical billers who can handle all aspects of Accounts Receivables. Graduates may take medical billing certification tests, which can assist with marketability after graduation, but it is not a requirement of the program.

Students at the American College of Medical Technology are expected to maintain a good attendance record. Students who are late for more than half of the class are considered absent for the day. Students are expected to maintain their class schedule for at least 85 percent of the module. Students may request a leave of absence for certain emergencies.

Quick Facts:

  • The American College of Medical Technology is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology.

  • The American College of Medical Technology does not offer on campus housing, transportation or childcare assistance. However, the student services department does provide bus pass application forms and local bus schedules.

  • The American College of Medical Technology has a career center that assists employers find qualified applicants, as well as assisting students find employment after graduation.
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