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American College of Applied Science

American College of Applied Science
123 Dream Pond Road
Crescent City, FL 32112

The American College of Applied Science is an online distance learning school for students interested in degrees in animal behavior and sciences. The Florida based online school offers adult students with an interest in animals and their welfare, the opportunity to build careers in training and animal care. Founded in 2005 by university professionals, animal behavior experts and technology professionals who saw a need for more people specifically trained in animal behavior, the school hopes to reduce the number of animal bites each year, as well as reduce the number of pets given up to animal shelters for behavior problems.

The American College of Applied Science offers several program degree options including a Bachelor's degree in companion animal science. This degree program prepares students for working with companion animals in the field of animal science or animal welfare. Students completing this degree program must work in an academic residency, field program or externship courses. A community service project, as well as an undergraduate thesis is required. The Associate degree in dog training, care and care-giving counseling as a dog trainer, a family pet training instructor or a care-giving counselor. Students in this degree program are expected to work with dogs in a residency or field study program.

The American College of Applied Science also offers two Master's degree programs: companion animal behavior counseling and animal shelter administration. The companion animal behavior counseling is a clinical program and one of the first in the country. The degree prepares students for careers as comprehensive animal behaviorists and/or caregiving counselors. Students in this program are expected to work in field study and/or a residency program, complete an externship program, as well as finishing a master's thesis. Students in the animal shelter administration graduate level program are preparing to work in, own or operate an animal shelter, an animal control organization, a humane animal organization, SPCA, animal sanctuary or a related non-profit animal welfare organization. Additionally, a non-degree program is available in canine behavior counseling. This professional diploma program is designed for people preparing for careers in family dog training or counseling. Students are expected to complete a field study program. Credits are transferable to the Associate degree program.

Quick Facts:

  • The American College of Applied Science is licensed by the Florida Department of Education and the Commission for Independent Education.

  • The American College of Applied Science uses teleconferences to help students connect with the campus and provide a further learning experience. Additionally, students have access to the Digital Library.

  • Millions of animals are killed each year in shelters after being given up by their families who no longer want them. Many are relinquished due to easily corrected behavior issues. The American College of Applied Science hopes to help reduce the number of animals given up, as well as the approximately 2 million animal bites each year by graduating professionals with similar goals.
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