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Amarillo Massage Therapy Institute

Amarillo Massage Therapy Institute
2710 Civic Circle, Suite # 7
Amarillo, Texas 79109

Established in 1998, Amarillo Massage Therapy Institute is a vocational school, located in Amarillo, Texas, that offers a quality training program in medical massage therapy. Not only are students at the Texas college well-prepared to pass the Texas registration examination, but they also are given all the skills and knowledge needed to have a successful career as a massage therapist.

The students enrolled at Amarillo Massage Therapy Institute come from all ways of life and differing age groups. Courses at the Texas college include ethics, neck and shoulder pain, insurance billing and lower back and hip pain. Amarillo Massage Therapy Institute also offers classes to teach students how to start their own massage therapy business.

Quick Facts

  • Amarillo Massage Therapy Institute was founded by Chuck Houston in 1998.

  • Flexible schedules are offered at the Texas college. Amarillo Massage Therapy Institute offers both morning and evening classes. Courses are held Monday through Thursday.

  • In addition to classroom work, Amarillo Massage Therapy Institute offers hands-on instruction through its 50-hour internship. Student are given the opportunity to work on clients under the supervision of an instructor.

  • Amarillo Massage Therapy Institute offers a number of services to the general public. Services include foot massage, facial massage, chair massage and other types of massage therapy.
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