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Amarillo College

Amarillo College
2201 S. Washington Street
Amarillo, TX 79109

Amarillo College is all about its students. The administration, faculty, and staff are dedicated to providing top-notch technical and academic programs as well as hundreds of continuing education programs to satisfy the needs of all learners. Amarillo College maintains the feel of a small college while providing the technological advances, intellectual resources, and innovative tools found at a much larger institution. Enrolling in Amarillo College is the first step in a successful college career.

Amarillo College strives to make higher education accessible to all students. This Texas community college has affordable tuition and plenty of opportunities to receive various forms of financial aid so that the cost of college is not a barrier to higher education. Additionally, Amarillo College offers classes at convenient times -- mornings, afternoons, nights, and weekends -- to fit the busy lifestyles of students. And small class sizes at Amarillo College, allow the highly qualified faculty members to provide the personalized instruction that helps students succeed in the classroom.

Amarillo College has created a warm, friendly, and caring environment that promotes growth for students academically, socially, personally, and professionally. The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at this Texas community college is conducive to student-centered learning, helping all students to reach their personal goals. Whether students are hoping to transfer to a four-year university, enter the workforce immediately, receive specialized training in a technical program, or take a course for the fun of it, Amarillo College can make it happen. Amarillo College takes students where they want to be.

Quick Facts:

  • The Amarillo College Washington Street Campus is situated on nearly 31 acres.

  • Amarillo College students can apply for seven different scholarships through the AC Foundation.

  • Amarillo College awards three different associate degrees and several certificates of completion.

  • Students who are enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours can apply to live in the Amarillo College Student Apartments.

  • Amarillo College serves more than 10,000 credit students each semester and over 25,000 continuing education students.
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