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Alternative Medicine College of Canada

Alternative Medicine College of Canada
1120 E. Belanger St.
Montreal, Quebec
H2S 1H4 Canada

Based in Montreal, Quebec, the Alternative Medicine College of Canada is accredited to provide distance education to students throughout the globe who seek careers in, or simply wish to enrich their understanding of alternative health. With the help of AMCC, students can achieve the knowledge and training to eventually qualify as specialists in fields such as homeopathy, naturopathy and bioenergetics. Courses can be taken through postal mail or the Internet, and students have many options as to how far they will take their educations with this Canadian distance learning school. Ultimate goals for students can be divided into educational, preventive and curative categories. For example, with AMCC's assistance, a student may devise, among other things, an individualized process of preventative hygiene, addressing areas such as nutritional balance, drainage cures, stress management, and weight loss.

The Alternative Medicine College of Canada offers two general program titles: holistic nutrition and natural health practitioner. The natural health practitioner program is divided into several levels: natural health consultant, natural health educator, natural health technician, and natural health practitioner. Students may choose to complete the entirety of this program, encompassing all levels, or only pursue it at certain levels. Each level within a program, once satisfied, provides its own diploma. Additionally, a completed level can reap a grant based upon merit, which can then be put towards a subsequent level. Once the natural health practitioner program is completed, either entirely or at certain levels, students have the option to move onto an area of specialization. These are the programs in homeopathy, naturopathy and bioenergetics.

At this Canadian distance learning school, every course comes with its own textbook. Students complete assignments within the textbook and correspond with a tutor who grades assignments and returns them. After a final assignment within a program is submitted and corrected, a tutor will provide a student with a cumulative grade report. After this stage, the appropriate certificate or diploma is conferred upon the student and AMCC drafts a recommendation letter to the professional association with which the student seeks involvement.

Quick Facts:

  • Graduates of AMCC may go on to professions such as guidance counselor, assistant naturopath, teacher, consultant practitioner, and health products representative, among many others.

  • Human Resources Development Canada and Employment Quebec both accredit the training conducted by the Alternative Medicine College of Canada.

  • AMCC also has accreditation from such organizations as the American Alternative Medical Association, the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners - North America (Ontario), and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Additionally, graduates of AMCC programs may become eligible to join these and other organizations.

  • Alternative Medicine College of Canada has had a global reputation since 1988.

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