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Algonquin Careers Academy

Algonquin Careers Academy
1644 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7Y6

Algonquin Careers Academy was founded in 1981 and has been providing quality career training ever since. The instructors at Algonquin are all industry porfessionals who are committed to helping students achieve their goals and be the best in their chosen fields.

Algonquin Careers Academy offers a number of course which focus on disciplines that are in constant demand in both the business and law sectors. Algonquin Careers Academy offers a variety of programs including: medical office assistant, personal support worker, medical laboratory assistant, pharmacy technician, travel counselor, accounting, payroll and MOS certification

More importantly, howlever, Algonquin has working relationships with employers, so that students can obtain hands-on, real world experience through unpaid co-op work placements. It is in these work placements where the real learning takes places. Students at Algonquin can apply their skills, gain confidence and make contacts for future work placement.

Algonquin is great for students at all levels of career training. For adults looking to change fields, Algonquin Careers Academy offers flexible, high-level courses that will give them the knowledge and training they need to make that career change as seamless as possible. For those already in a field they love, and looking to advance, Algonquin provides continuing education and bridging courses to allow students to acquire the additional information they need to advance in their careers. Whatever the student, Algonquin has the right course of study to help.

Quick Facts

  • Algonquin has programs in travel and hospitality, healthcare, and business and law, as well as continuing education courses that go a few steps beyond the program training.

  • Many courses at Algonquin Careers Academy have day and evening options to make them accessible to students with any schedule.

  • The travel course is also available online for added convenience.

  • Algonquin has two locations in Ontario, in Ottawa and Mississauga.
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