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Alfred Adler Institute

Alfred Adler Institute
1550 East 78th Street
Richfield, MN 55423

Alfred Adler Institute, initially founded in 1967, seeks to develop professional practitioners with a strong foundation in Adlerian psychology and philosophy. Adler awards Master of Arts in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy, various certificates, and other special study programs.

The Master's degree in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy offers five areas of emphasis that include: marriage and family therapy; clinical counseling; school counseling; management consulting and organizational leadership; and non-clinical Adlerian studies. Specialty area programs include parent coaching, personal and professional life coaching, and art therapy. Post-master's programs are also available to those who already have a master's level degree.

Students at Alfred Adler Institute are required to intern three to five hours per week for their entire school career, which equals a total of 480 hours of internship that must be completed. Of the 64 credits required for graduation, 52 credits or 26 classes must be taken in conjunction with a 12-credit internship.

Alfred Adler Institute alumni have used their backgrounds in hundreds of ways. Career paths pursued include: licensed therapists at mental health clinics; community, veterans, or state hospitals; community mental health programs; county programs; or private practice. Some use their degrees to become supervisors, managers, team leaders, instructors, or executives of nonprofit organizations. Adler graduates have also created a variety of businesses and private practices in a large range of service areas.

Quick Facts

  • Individuals uncertain about pursuing a degree or certificate may take a maximum of four courses as students-at-large as long as they meet the minimum requirements for admission.

  • Courses are offered most commonly as one night per week and one Saturday per month.

  • Most students finish their Master's degrees in less than three years, but some take as long as seven years to finish.

  • The Alfred Adler Institute does not work on a semester system.

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