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Aldebaran Hypnotherapy Center

Aldebaran Hypnotherapy Center
2748 Milton Way
Suite 240
Milton, WA 98354

Aldebaran Hypnotherapy Center is the legacy of Mr. Charles Tebbetts who, before passing, asked C. Roy Hunter to take his renowned course and teach it to the world. That was more than 20 years ago, and since then Mr. Hunter has not only taught the course but written acclaimed books about it. Now, Joni Wiley; owner of Aldebaran Hypnotherapy Center, teaches the proven techniques at her private school.

Ms. Wiley teaches courses in both a professional school classroom setting and through private sessions at the Aldebaran Hypnotherapy Center. Aldebaran teaches self-improvement as well as weight management, age regression, stress management
phobias and pain management through hypnosis. Regardless the form, the goal of the hypnotheraphy course is to clarify the art of hypnotherapy for the student, providing the student with the skills needed for a career in helping others achieve their true empowerment.

Hypnotherapy helps all people of all ages, and with all sorts of issues or ailments. From breaking a bad habit to raising self esteem, hypnosis can help people achieve the clarity and change they need and allow them to clear the subconscious and take control of their lives.

Aldebaran (pronounced Al-deb-a-ran) is the name of the brightest star in the Taurus Constellation. Ms. Wiley chose it as a name for her school to represent how her clients should feel about themselves upon leaving hypnotherapy. Her goal is to help clients reach for the stars, and to help her students help even more people through hypnotherapy.

Quick Facts

  • The material taught at Aldebaran Hypnotherapy Center is vased on over 35 years of proven techniques, the same course taught by the late great grand master hypnotherapist Charles Tebbetts.

  • The course at Aldebaran Hypnotherapy Center is recognized worldwide by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Medical Dental Hypnosis Association.

  • Ms. Wiley and Mr. Hunter's courses provides a wide and comprehensive training.

  • Students can choose from basic, intermediate, and advanced courses.

  • Aldebaran also offers a two-week intensive workshop, as well as workshops in starting a business and self hypnosis.
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