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Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy
4102 Pinion Drive
Univ S A F Academy, CO 80840

The United States Air Force Academy is a prestigious training facility for motivated young men and women desirous of serving the United States as officers of the Air Force. The state-of-the-art facility has laboratories, observatories and a library containing over 700,000 volumes. The campus, including the famous cadet chapel 17 massive spires, spans 18,000-acres in Colorado and is a site worth visiting in itself.

But the Academy is much more than a beautiful building. It is a community and a training facility for the best of the best of the nation's military leaders. Cadets learn self-reliance, endurance, community help, and much more. The Center for Character Development, which was created in 1993, facilitates programs and activities throughout all aspects of the Academy experience with the goal of graduating officers of integrity, who are selfless in service to the country, the Air Force and committed to excellence. Air Force Academy graduates are decisive at the most difficult moments and self-disciplined, strong, and courageous.

Quick Facts

  • Students at the Air Force Academy can receive a quality education in a variety of majors from engineering to english.

  • Cadets have four 55-minute periods each morning and three each afternoon and after classes they participate in mandatory athletic activities.

  • Semesters last 17 weeks each and the summer term lasts 10 weeks; cadets have a three-week summer break.

  • Counseling is available to all cadets for the adjustment into Air Force life.

  • All cadets receive full benefits, including, full tuition and room and board, medical care and a monthly stipend.
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