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Ahern Massage School

Ahern Massage School
4615 Indian Peak Road
Mariposa, CA 95338

Dr. Thomas F. Ahern, Jr. is the owner and instructor at Ahern Massage School, a massage therapy institute that teaches massage as a form of healing. Dr. Ahern teaches, first and foremost, compassion, because the key to a successful massage therapist is someone who can work from your heart.

At Ahern Massage School, students will lean several different types of massage, plus Reiki training and preparation for state and national examination. Ahern teaches Usui Reiki, which means that students can receive Reiki I training and must wait at least three months to receive Reiki II training. The intensive program at Ahern means that students live, breathe, and sleep massage for 200 hours over a 15-day period. Classes are intensive and hands-on, to fully immerse the student in the art of massage and develop great facilitators.

Dr. Ahern is devoted to massage, healing and helping others. He is active in the community and dedicated to his students. He believes so fully in massage that he even offers a karma deal for those unable to pay for the course, allowing them to attend for a small fee under the promise that they will then provide another person with the same education at a later date. This is only one of the ways that Dr. Ahern makes sure that the positivity of massage continues.

Quick Facts

  • The 200-hour course at Ahern Massage School lasts two weeks and includes preparation for state and national examinations.

  • Ahern students receive $150 worth of books and instructional materials, along with a massage table and stool.

  • Courses start the first Saturday of each available month. Students must arrive by Friday night and can fly out the Sunday afternoon after the course finishes.

  • Class sizes are small and manageable, so students receive personalized attention.
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