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Advantage Career Academy

Advantage Career Academy
1823 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32803

Advantage Career Academy is a career training school that prepares students for licensure as a cosmetologist or massage therapist. Advantage Career Academy is located in Orlando, Florida, home to beautiful weather, theme parks and non-stop entertainment.

Advantage Career Academy offers programs in nail technology, facial specialty, full specialty or massage therapy. The nail technology program prepares students for positions within the nail industry. The 240-hour program covers an array of subject areas including Florida state law and rules, sanitation, ethics, professionalism, safety, physiology, manicures and pedicures, nail techniques, massage techniques and more. The facial specialty program at the Advantage Career Academy requires 260 clock hours that include classroom, lab work and performing 50 facial services under supervision.

The full specialty program at Advantage Career Academy is a combination of learning and understanding nail and skin care techniques. The 500-hour program consists of more than 200 classroom hours and nearly 300 laboratory hours. Students focus on a number of topics, including bacteriology and infection control, ethics, safety, Florida cosmetology law, anatomy and physiology as well as hands-on experience. The 500-hour massage therapy program at Advantage Career Academy prepares students for occupations within the massage therapy industry. Students learn medical error prevention, Florida statutes and rules, ethics, history of massage therapy, anatomy and physiology, effects and benefits as well as a number of other topic areas. Students must perform 40 services under the supervision of a trained professional.

Quick Facts

  • Advantage Career Academy will help students apply for certification by the Florida Board of Cosmetology and/or the Florida Board of Massage Therapy.

  • Students must administer and successfully complete 95 services, under the guidance of a trained professional, in order to complete the nail technology program at the Advantage Career Academy.

  • Students in the facial specialty program at Advantage Career Academy concentrate on more than 20 different areas of study.

  • Advantage Career Academy offers classes Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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