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Advanced College

Advanced College
13180 Paramount Blvd.
South Gate, CA 90280

Advanced College is a leading career college in the Los Angeles area, providing information technology, business, allied health education and training. Advanced College opened in 1999, and since then has developed a reputation for providing quality academic programs to meet the needs of both the students and the community at large.

AC is a private school and offers short and long-term training certificate and Associate degree programs in a productive educational setting to help students gain the technical skills and knowledge they need for employment and career advancement. The school is completely student focused, with flexible programs that allow students to modify as needed given their individual time constraints and interests.

The integrated general education program at Advanced College helps build awareness, abilities and interests by teaching students what they need to know in a productive, empowering environment. The program is based on advancement from the simple to the complex. Students at Advanced College begin with basic theory and move on to hands-on application in their given fields. Those in the Associate degree programs, go a step further by taking part in critical thinking curriculum to learn how to gather and process information in order to reach a supportable conclusion.

Quick Facts

  • AC offers an array of certificates and Associates degrees in science, accounting, business administration, health care management and medical assistant.

  • AC offers career placement and assistance programs to assist students in their search for employment and facilitate a successful transition from school to workforce.

  • Because every student has a different schedule, AC offers a wide variety of classes in both day and evening to meet every student's needs.

  • Advanced College is in constant contact with the program advisory committee that links it to the industry meaning that the school is always up-to-date on the latest business trends and technologies.

  • AC does not just work for the students but for the community at large, with a focus on pushing everything taught within the school's walls into the greater community and world.
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