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Advanced Aesthetics School & Spa

Advanced Aesthetics School & Spa
5600 S. 48th Street
Suite #112
Lincoln, NE 68516

Advanced Aesthetics School & Spa offers a quality education in the business of beauty. Students receive current theory and practical training from highly qualified instructors. Advanced Aesthetics offers students a career in the Esthetics field that will provide them with the tools, independence and opportunity to work anywhere in the world. The advanced aesthetics program offers a high standard of education, providing students with the most current theory and practical training. Advanced Aesthetics instructors are highly qualified and licensed. Each Advanced Aesthetic student will be taught under a licensed instructor's personal guidance through theory and practical, hands-on training.

The personalized program at the Advanced Aesthetics School & Spa means that students get plenty of hands-on training and the personal guidance of a licensed instructor.

Quick Facts

  • The mission of Advanced Aesthetics is committed to providing the training and the skills required for students to achieve their greatest potential.

  • Advanced Aesthetics licensed instructors are dedicated to ensuring that our students enter the work force as successful individuals.

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