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Accelerated Professional Pilot Program

Accelerated Professional Pilot Program
1050 SE 15th Street, Suite 401
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

The Accelerated Professional Pilot Program offers a "Multi Engine Time" program with 25, 50, 100 and 200 hours of multi engine flying time anywhere within the continental United States and the Caribbean. APPP uses FAA- standard cockpit resource management and crew-concept techniques to meet the workload requirement of checklists, ATC communication, flight routing and weather. All multi engine time building is all 100 percent pilot in command.

For pilots who already have all the necessary certificates and ratings, APPP offers a great way to meet the multi engine time requirement needed to be hired by airlines, and does so t the best rates in the country and with more guidance than other institutions. With locations in Florida, Texas and Nevada, APPP is easily accessible nationwide.

Quick Facts

  • Instead of the usual five-hour check ride, APPP only requires a one hour familiarization check ride to get you comfortable with the aircraft you will be flying.

  • APPP allows flights to anywhere in the continental United States and outside to great flying locations like the Bahamas.

  • When away from home base, a minimum of seven flight hours is expected on a daily basis.

  • Students of the Accelerated Professional Pilot Program can fly at any time of day seven days a week.

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