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Academy of Reflexology

The Academy of Reflexology emphasizes personal growth and training in personalized and effective health care through through self-help programs with a deep and lasting respect for the Healing Arts. Established in 1990 - this reflexology institution is regulated by the Indiana commission on proprietary education. Students of the Academy of Reflexology can choose from programs in deep muscle therapy, massage therapy and reflexology. The deep muscle therapy program specializes in TMJ (temporal mandibular joint), neck and shoulder problems, carpal tunnel and sciatica. Students learn techniques to relieve deep-seated lesions. The massage therapy program teaches body mechanics, corporate seated massage, geriatric massage, infant & pregnancy massage, emotional release, as well as how to develop a business plan. The Reflexology program at the Academy of Reflexology teaches a certificate program where students learn about the 7,200 reflexes and nerve endings in the feet and hands and ears, correspond to every organ and tissue in the body.

The Academy of Reflexology also offers a variety of workshops in healing practices. The workshops are in Bach Flower remedies and homeopathy. The Bach Flower remedies focuses on body mapping, simple topical application of prepared remedies and the healing powers of the emotional system. Homeopathy workshops at this Indiana reflexology school focuses on medicines for the 21st century where students learn to blend the philosophy and art of holistic medicine. The devoted faculty of the Academy of Reflexology offers personalized instruction in a soothing, healthy environment.

Quick Facts

  • The Academy of Reflexology offers courses in deep tissue therapy, massage therapy and reflexology.

  • Students can earn certificates after completing 200 plus hours of coursework.
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