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Academy of Natural Health Sciences

Academy of Natural Health Sciences
102 Green Street
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences combines basic knowledge with advanced trainings and techniques, to quickly and thoroughly educate students in alternative medicines and holistic healing. Courses at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences are flexible, accessible and affordable with a focus on students and small class sizes.

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences focuses on the treatment of the whole person, teaching healing approaches that consider the mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to train people who care to make a difference in the lives of others through massage therapy, clinical nutrition, and holistic health practices. The programs at Natural Health Sciences are designed to teach students and train them for private practice or work in spas or health care facilities.

Quick Facts

  • The massage therapy program consists of 650 hours, an eight month night program or a six month day program, with continuing education classes in individual types of massage.

  • The clinical nutrition and holistic health program is 500 hours of study: 16 seminars over a 10-month period.

  • For added convenience, the Academy of Natural Health Sciences offers home study programs in herbalism, sports nutrition, aromatherapy and pet nutrition.
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