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Academy of Natural Healing

The Academy of Natural Healing
40 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023

The Academy of Natural Healing is an alternative education center and natural healing school that offers over 160 classes in nine major areas of study.

Students at the Academy of Natural Healing can choose from two study methods that include a traditional structured learning experience based on a semester system and a highly organized syllabus or a customized non-traditional track. The student enrolled in non-traditional courses will be a part of small classes of two to six students and pick any class that interests them from hundreds of class offerings. This non-traditional track also includes distance learning, web-based programs and phone coaching. Students in this program are required to attend 90 of their 155 class hours in a chosen specialty.

Students at this New York academy can take classes from areas of study that include energetic hands-on healing and polarity therapy; bodywork-massage; wholistic nutrition; herbology; Harrison emotional learning process; the Shaman's path; naturopathic studies; wholistic business building (transformational capitalism); and motivational speaking.

Quick Facts

  • The Academy of Natural Healing uses teaching methods that include a combination of Chinese, Talmudic, and Socratic approaches to teacher/student dialogue.

  • The Academy of Natural Healing has a rolling admission policy that allows flexible class hours to fit students' work schedules.

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