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Academy of Massage Therapy

Academy of Massage Therapy
600 E. Main Street
Richmond, IN 47374

The Academy of Massage Therapy offers several programs per year. In addition to massage therapy courses, students of this Indiana massage school can take courses in the applied sciences of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, as well as business and professional ethics, trigger point therapy and more.

The Academy of Massage Therapy's private program provides a comprehensive and diverse education, that prepares students for starting their own business, working in applied health fields or operating in spa environments. Whatever their choice, graduates of the Academy of Massage Therapy are competent, professional and successful massage practitioners.

Quick Facts

  • The Academy of Massage Therapy is accredited by the Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education.

  • Programs last 12 months, with 10 hours per week, plus five seminar Saturdays per year.

  • Students of the Academy of Massage Therapy are required to perform 35 hours of massage therapy on clients within the school's clinic or an approved site.

  • By completing the the Academy's 500+ hour program, students become eligible to sit for the National Certification examination.

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