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Academy of Makeup and Fashion

Academy of Makeup and Fashion
17200 Ventura Blvd. Courtyard 105
Encino, CA 91316

The Academy of Makeup and Fashion in Los Angeles, California, is a professional school of makeup offering certificate programs in the art of makeup to prepare individuals for a career in the beauty or media industry.

The Academy of Makeup and Fashion provides excellence through education combining theory, demonstrations, and hands-on training with live models. Courses range from entry level to advanced. Training includes the art and science of professional makeup artistry or image management, delivered in the minimum amount of time possible.

Courses include Professional Makeup Artistry, Media Makeup Artistry, and Master Makeup Artistry. All aspects of beauty makeup artistry are covered, including natural, classic, glamour, ethnic skin, mature skin, bridges, motion pictures, fashion, video, theatrical, print, and much more.

Quick Facts:

  • The Academy of Makeup and Fashion welcomes cosmetologists, aestheticians, and individuals looking for a new career.

  • Students of the Academy of Makeup and Fashion will build an impressive portfolio that will help them in their career.

  • Graduates are welcome into the academy to add to their portfolio any time they wish.

  • Students receive a quality career showcase of supplies in a practical, traveling case.
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