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Academy of Learning

Academy of Learning
Worldwide Locations

The Academy of Learning is a student focused career training school that develops student skills and prepares them for employment. Using an Integrated Learning(tm) System, the Academy of Learning provides flexibility and customization of education, to meet specific client goals through an up-to-date, effective learning process.

Academy of Learning is an international organization specializing in computer and business skills training for adult learners. Since its inception in 1987, more than 100 franchised colleges have opened worldwide.

The Academy of Learning is successful because it identifies the gap between the formal education available and the realities of the working world and offers customized programs so that each student can learn at his own pace and at an affordable cost. Students, employers and government agencies rely on the Academy of Learning to provide quality training that translates to work effectiveness. The Academy of Learning offers a variety of programs that is unique and vast, including programs at the certificate or diploma level.

Quick Facts

  • The Academy has branches in the United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia and the West Indies, and throughout Canada in the Northwest Territories and eight provinces, from Halifax on the Atlantic shore to Victoria on the Pacific.

  • Academy of Learning offers more than 30 diploma programs.

  • The Academy partners with various learning institutes to further expand its convenience and quality education.

  • Government and corporate clients find that the Academy of Learning is a reliable way to train their employees.

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