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Academy of Integrative Medicine

Academy of Integrative Medicine
410 Walker Street
Woodbine, IA 51579

The Academy of Integrative Medicine educates health care practitioners in topics of natural health care, providing science-based, experientially-proven methods in integrative medicine. The Academy of Integrative Medicine provides flexible study, working with health care professionals to provide as much or as little education as the need or want to reach their health care goals. Integrative Medicine also offers programs to improve customer service, train staff, increase profits and help professionals become resident experts in alternative medicine.

The Academy of Integrative Medicine's primary goal is to provide an "innovative education in natural medicine." Since most of Integrative Medicine's students are already full-time working professionals, the Academy provides a felxible education model to make its comprehensive education convenient. AIM has ongoing learning opportunities, such as consultations, seminars, diploma programs, audio tapes and on-site training. The purpose of the Academy of Integrative Medicine is not just instruction, but offering a means to integrate knowledge into the health care practitioner's current practice setting.

Quick Facts

  • The Academy of Integrative Medicine's fast track program is a home training certificate program, allowing students the convenience of study from their own homes, in fields from developing a consultation practice to homotoxicology.

  • Diploma programs are available in homeopathy,hormone analysis and herbology. Instruction includes DVDs, printed presentations of training seminars, and audio tapes or CDs of in depth studies on major remedies. Students take tests covering all the material to receive a diploma.

  • Insight programs at the Academy of Integrative Medicine offers professionals the information they need to teach in their own community.

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