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Academy of Exceptional Healthcare Training

Academy of Exceptional Healthcare Training
8449 West Bellfort, Suite 315
Houston, TX 77071

The Academy of Exceptional Healthcare Training was founded in November 2006 to provide quality training to nurse's aides. Both the nurse aide and the home health aide programs are comprehensive courses that equip students with essential skills for providing basic care to patients and residents in hospitals and long term care facilities.

Students of the Academy of Exceptional Healthcare Training not only learn the necessary medical information (such as first aid, CPR and nutritional information), but how to communicate and interact with patients and how to assist patients in attaining and maintaining maximum functional independence. After completion of coursework, students of Exceptional Healthcare Training can expect to gain careers as aids in home healthcare, long-term facilities or hospitals.

Quick Facts

  • The instructors, Venessa Lee and Teressa Harris, have more than 50 years of experience between them.

  • Each course at the Academy of Exceptional Healthcare Training is three weeks in length.

  • Students wishing to become certified as a nurse's aide must pass a state exam and take 24 hours of hands on trainings in a skilled nursing home.
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