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Academy of Creative Hair Design

Academy of Creative Hair Design
2549 Highway Avenue
Highland, IN 46322

The Academy of Creative Hair Design gives students the tools they need to succeed in the beauty industry. Hair Design students will learn all aspects of their chosen field so that they will be well-equipped to handle anything that comes their way in the real-world workforce.

The cosmetology course at the Academy of Creative Hair Design not only teaches hair-cutting techniques, but instructs students to style, color and provide other treatments to hair. The Academy also has courses in skin, composition, law and management. Students of the Academy of Creative Hair Design can also take courses in nails and manicuring, esthetics, and instructor training. Licensed professionals will enjoy the continuing education program, whether an Illinois resident who needs to renew a license or an Indiana resident, who is not required to renew a license but wants to learn new techniques.

Academy of Creative Hair Design students get plenty of hands-on experience, working with real clients under the supervision of the instructors. They will get an opportunity to learn from standard textbooks, along with videos, tapes, styling and cutting books and trade journals.

Quick Facts

  • Students of the Academy of Creative Hair Design learn and practice on modern equipment in an environment that is constantly being improved and updated.

  • The Academy teaches up 110 students at a time.

  • Classes at the Academy of Creative Hair Design run from Tuesday through Saturday.

  • Cosmetology students can complete their 1,500 hours through a 10-month course, with five classes weekly or through a 13-month course, with classes Tuesday through Saturday.

  • The manicuring class is five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, and includes a total of 450 hours.

  • Esthetics students will complete 750 hours on a Tuesday through Saturday schedule.

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