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Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences

Students of The Academy Of Classical Oriental Sciences learn the wisdom of the Chinese medical tradition, in order to become capable partners in an integrated medical system in which traditional Chinese medicine plays a vital role. At the heart of all things in at ACOS is its motto, a statement of the Yellow Emperor himself concerning the practice of the superior physician: "through oneself know others (yi wo zhi bi)." Students at Classical Oriental Sciences are taught to explore the inner reaches of their own hearts, minds and physical selves so as to fully understand and sympathize with their patients.

ACOS tries to match similar programs of study at Chinese medicine universities in the People's Republic of China as closely as possible, while tailoring them to suit the North American post-secondary education system. This means that, because in China the programs are incredibly intensive with a duration of 5-to 6-years, programs at the Academy can be fulfilled in 3-and 4-years.

Quick Facts

  • The Academy offers four diploma programs in traditional Chinese medicine: a 5-year Doctor of TCM program (3,990 hours), a 4-year TCM practitioner program (3,375 hours), a 3-year acupuncturist program (2,445 hours), and a 3-year TCM herbalist program (2,437.5 hours).

  • The Academy and Selkirk College have partnered to create a new Associate of Arts degree, Entry to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a 2-year degree that will provide prospective TCM and holistic health students with the solid background in biology, chemistry, psychology and the humanities needed for further studies in TCM.

  • The Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences is a small, intimate facility with less than 75 full-and part-time students and 13 faculty members, meaning student have plenty of access to their dedicated and brilliant instructors.
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