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Academy of BioEnergetics

Academy of BioEnergetics
Sandy, UT

The Academy of BioEnergetics addresses the need for holistic and alternative medicine practitioners in the 21st century. BioEnergetics, or BioEnergy, is the study of energy transfer and relationships between all living systems. Upon contact with a toxin, virus or emotional stress, a tissue's normal electromagnetic frequency becomes abnormal, causing the affected person to feel fatigued. Most orthodox medicine tests and treats the disorder too long after it has occurred after undesirable chemical changes have already begun in the tissues, or often wait even longer, which heightens risks of cancer, arthritis and other degenerative diseases. Students at the Academy of BioEnergetics learn about preventative medicine that taps into the electrical energy field and the electromagnetic energy pathways of the body.

BioEnergy and bio-energetic medicines, have been producing results--in hundreds of clinics across the United States and around the world--which are dramatic that doctors of all persuasions are beginning to use them to deliver rapid, complete and cost effective options for their patients.

The education at the Academy of BioEnergetics is practitioner oriented with practical applications. The Academy is open to all health care practitioners that want to take the next step into the future of healing. Comprehensive programs place the latest information in your hands in one week. The Academy of BioEnergetics offers an in-depth comprehensive curriculum, teaching effective, efficient protocols for clinical applications, assessment techniques, and the most effective use of BioEnergy, homeopathics, herbs and nutritional support.

Quick Facts

  • The Academy of BioEnergetics is dedicated to giving students access to information and breakthroughs that are the culmination of years of experience its instructors have in their own practices to give them an advantage in their own research.

  • The school is accredited by, a professional, non-government-affiliated association granting professional accreditation to traditional and non-traditional schools and colleges nationwide.
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