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Academy Canada

Academy Canada
2 University Dr.
P.O. Box 366
Corner Brook, NL A2H 6E3

Academy Canada trains students for their careers through solid academic experiences and hands-on training. It is one of 28 nationally accredited educational institutions (by the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission) in Canada and has raised national standards through its educational programs.

For added convenience, Academy Canada has three campuses and also offers Distance Education. Supportive and talented instructors help students every step of the way, and international partnerships offer the opportunity of gaining business sense from the international perspective.

Not only does Academy Canada employ a Career Development Coordinator to supervise work-term placements so students can acquire real-world experience prior to graduation, but the college also offers help to its graduates who are seeking employment. Graduate placement rate annually surpasses 80 percent.

Quick Facts

  • Academy Canada has three locations in Newfoundland and a more than 1,100 students.

  • Students a his Newfoundland career college can choose from a wide-variety of programs, from hairstyling to computer programming.

  • Academy Canada is Microsoft and Oracle accredited.

  • Class sizes are small and all instructors have an open door policy to provide students with access to valuable instructors in their respected fields.

  • An on-campus guidance counselor is on-hand to assist students with personal and academic issues.

  • After graduation, an Industry Partnership Coordinator helps graduates to find employment.

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