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Acacia Makeup Artistry

Acacia Makeup Artistry
526 E. Holt Blvd.
Ontario Canada

Acacia Makeup Artistry offers makeup certification courses. The one-day intensive workshop is eight hours long and discusses everything from the history of makeup to sanitation and color theory. In the course of the day, students at Acacia will create and master various popular looks. Acacia Makeup Artistry offers a four-week basic course that runs from Monday through Friday and teaches makeup application for any occasion or event, including bridal, runway, print and more. Students will learn about eye shapes, face charting, color wheels, color correction and other makeup techniques.

Industry veterans at Acacia share their knowledge and experience with students, in everything from expert instruction to the full, professional kit that comes with the four week course. Instructors at this makeup school will teach not only about makeup application, but will give real-world advice about career paths and industry benefits.

Quick Facts

  • All programs at Acacia are offered in English and Spanish.

  • Additional courses include eyelash extension classes and photo shoots.

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